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Apple to unveil IOS 7 and New iPhone 

NEW YORK – The next iPhone will be unveiled in September. It is expected that Apple will unveil the new iPhone  a press event on September 10th. For the company there is a lot riding on the next steps with the iPhone. iPhone for Apple is very popular with millions of people, but the company has seen its market share of the smartphone market drop. That is coming n the face of serious competition from Samsung and other Android phone makers.

Sony Smartphone
New Sony smartphone can swim and live.

The iPhone 5 will benefit from the new operating system that is also due out this fall. That new system offers some very solid changes and after first look will take on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Apple Faces Android Competition


Other challenges will likely come from Sony’s latest new phone. The Sony Xperia® Z offers a smartphone that can be submerged. This summer, with some of the rain has seen many people popping their smartphones into a bag of rice to rescue them after being soaked. That approach often works, but Sony could be putting forward an innovation that many other smartphone makers will adopt.

Research firm IDC shared data last week which showed Android system phones have increased their share of global smartphone shipments to nearly 80% in the second quarter from the year-earlier period. Meanwhile iOS’ share had slipped to 13.2% from 16.6%. Samsung alone claimed 30.4% of the smartphone market in the quarter, but China-based rivals like Lenovo and ZTE are also making inroads by offering lower-cost devices.

Global Market Directing Change

Apple appears to be listening carefully to the marketplace. With the new iPhone 5 update, Apple is reported to also be launching a budget version of its signature iPhone in order to better compete in overseas markets.

That effort, along with reported global expansion into prepaid offerings, is expected to assist Apple to increased sales growth.

During Apple’s second-quarter conference call last month, CEO Tim Cook noted that the lower-priced iPhone 4 has proven to be popular with first-time iPhone buyers. 

New IOS 7 Sleeker and Faster

The next iPhone is expected to look much like the current iPhone 5, released a year ago, According to beta testers, the biggest changes are going to mostly be under the hood. The expected improvements will include a faster processor, and more improved camera.

One of the welcome improvements will be a rumoured fingerprint scanner that could potentially be used for things like authenticating purchases. That change if it could also be used as a security device on the phone could help reduce easy theft of iPhone and even iPod devices.

The new iPhone handset will run iOS 7. Apple previewed the new operating system in June. The first beta was a little shakey, but now the changes are rapidly bringing the new iOS 7 to full speed.  

The iOS 7 upgrade includes a major redesign of the iPhone’s user interface, with an improved graphic design, new icons and typography, and a translucent background.

The update will also be available for older iPhone models, and the iPad and iPod.

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