Fans Of Talia Joy Castellano Fufill Her Bucket List

Talia Joy Castellano
Talia Joy Castellano

MIAMI – Talia Joy Castellano was a remarkable young girl who never let cancer get her down. Talia was fighting two agressive types of cancer for a long portion of her young life. Throughout her treatment and after her death many people worldwide see Talia as an inspiration not only for people battling cancer, but people battling insecurities and other life battles.

The Internet celebrity died at the age of thirteen on July 2013.

The Florida native endured many rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and recieved hundreds of platelets of donors.

To keep her mind off cancer she began making her own Youtube videos about make-up and the How To’s on bronzer, false eyelashes, eyeliner and more. With wise beauty tips and an inspirational story, Talia became an Internet sensation and captivated many with her extensive cosmetic knowledge as well as her experience fighting two forms of aggressive cancer: neuroblastoma and preleukemia.

On Tuesday, a message appeared on the teen’s Facebook page announcing her death.

“When I put on my make-up I can embrace the features I love about myself and know when someone is looking at me, they’re looking at my make-up instead of my bald head,” shared Talia just before her passing.

Multiple bouts of chemotherapy have left her bald for years, but the rising seventh-grader embraced makeup as her own kind of wig, a way to feel confident and take control over her appearance in a fun, creative way.

Make-up Is My Wig” was her popular slogan that was featured with Covergirl and Mac Makeup for Glam Wars, a one day campaign of beauty for other cancer patients. This gave them an opportunity that to feel confident and beautiful just like she did. “I felt good knowing I made other girls going through what I’m going through feel beautiful,”Talia said in an interview. 

Five days before her death, Talia wrote a 74 items bucket list that she never got a chance to fufill. To pay tribute, her fans began posting pictures and videos of them completing her bucket list this included: Write a note to your crush, get a tattoo, cover a car in sticky notes and much more. Her wishes are granted over and over again thanks to the compassion of people all over the globe. The most important  item on her bucket list was #41 “To be loved.” Because of the fans that item can be scratched off her list repeatedly. The hearts of many will miss her and love her more than she will ever know. 

For more inspiration from Talia, Visit her Website

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