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Former Premier Dalton McGuinty announcing new contract at Bombardier in Thunder Bay

ETOBICOKE – “Residents in Etobicoke-Lakeshore have an opportunity to send the Liberals a clear message: break the gridlock crippling our city and get Toronto moving with new subways”, PC Leader Tim Hudak said today. The news could have ramifications in Thunder Bay. The Bombardier plant in the city makes the subway and street cars that the Toronto Transit Commission use.  “World class cities build underground.  If we want to break gridlock, we need to build subways,” Hudak said.  “We can make this happen without new taxes and piling on more debt. But it will require a government that can live within its means in order to afford vital subway investments.” 

Hudak noted that getting new subways built will require decisive leadership. “It’s time the province seized the wheel. With only one level of government making decisions about highways, subways and regional bus routes, we can stop pointing fingers at each other and get shovels in the ground quicker.” 

In an interview with NetNewsledger, Hudak states, “Building subways is a once in a century investment. The last time Toronto build subways was in 1966, a year before the Toronto Maple Leafs last won the Stanley Cup”. 

Hudak states that “Building new effective public transit pays for itself in terms of increased growth. “Building underground is the way to go”.

Bombardier and Thunder Bay have a long history in building street cars and subway cars for the Toronto Transit Commission.

Campaigning in Etobicoke, Hudak said, “Voters have two choices on August 1st – they can support the McGuinty-Wynne Liberal plan to rip up city streets for glorified streetcars, and pay higher taxes for the privilege.  Or you can send the Liberals a message and vote for the only party that will stop reckless overspending and focus on your priorities, like subways”. 

At the end of the day, people in Etobicoke understand that breaking Toronto gridlock means fewer missed dance recitals or hockey games.  New subways are how we will break Toronto gridlock, not permanently removing car lanes for glorified streetcars, concluded Hudak. 

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