The opening of the Leila Greco centre

Bill Mauro Kenora Queen's Park - NAN Sarah Campbell

Bill Mauro MPPQUEENS PARK – Politics – A couple of weeks ago in this chamber I had an opportunity to talk about the opening of the Leila Greco centre in my riding of Thunder Bay–Atikokan, a brand new facility—132 supportive housing units that will greatly help provide a great level of care to seniors in my riding and also relieve some of the ALC pressure from our hospital, Thunder Bay regional.

Just recently, as part of that, there is a seniors’ centre of excellence and integrated services—a whole project. We just did the groundbreaking on the second phase of that one or two weeks ago—that’s also in my riding of Thunder Bay–Atikokan—on the same piece of land. What that is: There’s going to be a brand new long-term-care home for the seniors in Thunder Bay and northwestern Ontario. This home will accommodate 416 beds. As I said, it will be on the same property. We’re going to have the supportive housing unit piece over here, and right beside it, just beginning construction, there’s going to be a brand new long-term-care home representing 416 brand new beds.

St. Joe’s Care Group in our riding is an incredible partner. We’re fortunate to have them in Thunder Bay–Atikokan. They will be the service provider for the seniors. They’ve got a tremendous long-term reputation of providing great care for seniors in Thunder Bay—and all across the north, I would say. They do great work. We’re lucky to have them. We’re thankful to have them as a partner.

The project is a $100-million construction project in its complete scope, including the Leila Greco component, as well as long-term care: great for our seniors, great for quality health care and great for the construction building trades.

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