Beating Hepatitis C with Incivek

Devon Nicholson
Winning the fight! It is taking all of Devon Nicholson's energy, and the support of all his loved ones to beat HepC
Devon Nicholson
Winning the fight! It is taking all of Devon Nicholson’s energy, and the support of all his loved ones to beat HepC

OTTAWA – Health – In Devon Nicholson 27th week  on Incivek “triple therapy” Hepatitis C treatment which is still in the experimental phase for his genotype he has been experiencing a lot of stomach problem side effects.  Nausea, general queasiness, diarrhea, stomach cramping, strong urges to vomit and flue like symptoms are all negative effects Devon has experienced on certain days of his therapy. 

Beating Hep C with Incivek

Devon has been prescribed 1400 milligrams of Ribavirin tabs a day by his specialist. That is 600 milligrams more than the common Ribavirin dose due to his previous treatment failure.  Nicholson has been testing negative for the Hepatitis C virus since November 2012.  His specialist believes he will have over a 90% chance of cure 6 months post-treatment if he can fight through the side effects and complete the full 36 weeks of therapy.

Many patients become overwhelmed by treatment stress due to side effects, having to remember to take medications on time while dealing with memory side effects, comforting loved ones who are affected by your suffering and having dealing with every day responsibilities/demands of life without normal abilities.  Poor concentration and memory problems as well as the inability to sleep are a few common symptoms of Hepatitis C treatment.

Superstar Billy Graham

Devon shares, “It was confirmed by his wife that Wayne ‘Superstar Billy Graham’ Coleman was hospitalized due to pneumonia and blood problems on April 14th 2013.   According to his agent Graham has been in the hospital 7 days as of this writing.  Graham has been discussed and featured in Nicholson’s treatment update videos all the way through.  It was his doctor that originally informed Nicholson that Incivek was being tested on genotype 2 patients in August of 2012.

Superstar Billy Graham and Hulk Hogan
Superstar Billy Graham and Hulk Hogan

There are a few clips of Terry “Hulk Hogan” Bollea since the 1970’s.  Hogan idolized Graham and used many elements from Graham’s wrestling character and brought them to the next level in his own wrestling persona.  Graham helped Hogan break into the business.  They used to be close friends but hadn’t seen each other in person in years until recently.  There is a few clips from their reunion (which Devon Nicholson was present for) in this video.

Devon shares, “Growing up dreaming of becoming a pro wrestler, Hulk Hogan was always one of his idols.  I was shocked when Hogan made public comments that brought attention to his Hepatitis C situation when it first went public in March 2011.  When speaking about my Hepatitis C situation, Hogan has stated that Larry ‘Abdullah the Butcher’ Shreve had cut him without permission “through the chin” in a past match”.  Devon adds, “Larry Shreve has “lied on the record” publically stating he did not have Hepatitis C to the media after proving blood test results indicating a history of the disease”.

Many Incivek “Triple Therapy” patients have to stop treatment within the first month due to side effects.  Particularly severe skin irritation and open sore side effects.  There are several possible deadly side effects related to the treatment.  Treatment time for Incivek medication itself is only 12 weeks.  The combination therapy of Interferon and Ribivarin must be taken for an additional 24 weeks for a total of 36 weeks in Devon’s case. 

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