Mac’s Robbery Suspect Video

Mac's Robbery Suspect
Mac's Robbery Suspect - Simpson Street Robbery April 18 2013

Mac's Robbery Suspect
Mac’s Robbery Suspect – Simpson Street Robbery April 18 2013

THUNDER BAY – Crimebeat – Thunder Bay Police have released more details on the Mac’s robbery that happened earlier today.

The description of the male suspect:

  • 5’6″ tall
  • Wearing a grey toque
  • blue and white scarf
  • gloves with a white pattern
  • black jacket or hoodie, white sweater and dark pants

Video of Mac’s Robbery Suspect

Police Make Arrest

Thunder Bay Police have charged five youths over a reported case of swarming a teenage female last weekend. The suspects were charged and released with conditions. Reports were that the youth was put to the ground by the five teenaged girls who continued to apply the boots to her.

The victim has recovered from most of the physical injuries, and is starting to recover from some of the mental injuries from this case of bullying.

Traffic Conditions

Traffic conditions in Thunder Bay remain difficult for drivers, and pedestrians. Earlier today Police advised that driving is not recommended. Staying off the roads helps crews in clearing the roads too.

Overall Crime Stats

Thunder Bay Police responded to more than 47 calls overnight. Officers have been busy today with motor vehicle accidents.