Boston Bomber Suspect Cornered

Boston Bomber Captured
Boston Bomber Picture 1
image from scene – From Twitter

BOSTON – Boston Bomber suspect has reportedly been cornered. From the scene, almost 100 police officers have engaged the suspect in the Franklin Street area in Watertown. Shots have been fired, and reports are that the suspect is in a structure and surrounded. Dzhokar Tsarnaev is the suspect, and police are focused that they might be able to capture him alive.

The structure is reportedly a boat.

Boston Bomber Cornered

Boston Bomber Suspect
Picture of backyard where Boston Bomber suspect is cornered. Picture from Twitter

19:22EDT: – From the police scanner: “All non-tactical policemen are asked to leave the area. Those with the best weapons are in place and they want them to have the best view of the incident”.

19:25EDT: Tactical folk trying to get up on a wall for either entry or line of sight. They have a K9 unit on hand as well.

19:28EDT: They are attempting to come up with an official dog to track down the suspect in case he gets out of the boat.

 1928EDT Suspect is in the boat and he has a wire fence behind him.

Police are on standby awaiting a bomb squad unit which arrived on scene at 19:36EDT. There is an ambulance on scene as well.

One of the reason police and tactical officers are moving carefully is that they are concerned that the suspect could have a suicide vest on.

19:48EDT: Reports of loud ‘explosions’ from the scene. Experts are suggesting that they are not flashbangs but likely gas designed to flush out the suspect.

20:21EDT: Police are reportedly attempting to engage the suspect who has barricaded himself in a boat.

20:25EDT: Police told to stay at their post until 2100. Not sure what will happen at 9:00PM but they will fall back to “H4”.

20:26EDT: Officers asking for cold water.

20:44EDT: Reports from the scene that “We got him”.

It appears that police are in a more relaxed stand down. The Boston Police have confirmed that Tsarnaev has been captured.

This ends a twenty three hour marathon by FBI, Police and National Guard.

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