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Breakfast Poutine - Breakfast spuds, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, bacon, green onion, tomato and Thunder Oak Gouda cheese, sothered in our house made Hollandaise sauce
Breakfast Poutine – Breakfast spuds, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, bacon, green onion, tomato and Thunder Oak Gouda cheese, sothered in our house made Hollandaise sauce

THUNDER BAY – madeFresh has been open since May of 2012 and since then has become the hot spot to go to for fresh-made breakfasts, and amazing lunches. They are located at 269 Red River Road, just up from Court St. madeFresh is open from 8am til 3 pm, they only serve breakfast from Wednesday til Sunday. They are  open on Monday and Tuesdays at 8am for take-out coffees only. On Tuesday they do offer lunch!

When you walk in the doors of madeFresh, it is like something you have seen on TV shows. Giant utensils hanging on the wall and the place is buzzing with excitement.

madeFresh – Breakfast Hotspot


The Morning Bennigizer – 2 eggs poached with house-made hollandaise sauce and ham on a fresh english muffin, served with breakfast spuds and fresh fruit

madeFresh was the new kid on the block and they took off running and haven’t looked back!

madeFresh uses a variety of local products when in season, such as DeBruins lettuce and tomatoes, B & B Farms for their potatoes, Tarrymore Farms for their eggs and they even source out their perogies for their Ukrainian breakfast from Baba’s at the Farmers Market and their cheese is from Thunder Oak Cheese farm!

Ukrainian-ish Fresh Breakfast – 2 eggs, pan fried kielbasa, 4 perogies, breakfast spuds and toast

Using fresh, local food has certainly helped make the dining place the go-to spot when you’re looking for a good quality breakfast. Owners, Robin and Sherri Bureyko, have a passion for good quality food, and it shows in the meals they prepare.

madeFresh isn’t just a restaurant, but a catering company as well. Most days you will see Robin or Sherri carrying all sorts of catering out to their clients.

Although the restaurant is not open on Mondays and Tuesdays for breakfast, they are open for coffee and snacks, so drop by for some fresh brewed coffee or specialty drinks such as iced latte, iced mocha, cappuccinos or loose leaf teas, also on site are drinks from Superior Seltzer.

As ‘the’ breakfast hot spot ,with fresh fruit being served with most meals, along with a fabulous Eggs Benedict, and their new specialty the Breakfast Poutine. All baking at madeFresh is done on site. They also make all their own jams from berries from Belluz Farms. 

What’s special about madeFresh?

It’s the locally sourced foods, the friendly staff, and the repeat customers which speak volumes. Most days, madeFresh is packed, but no worries, you can relax in the waiting area on some leather couches and read a magazine or local newspaper while you wait for your table.

When the waiter/waitress is taking your order you will notice the hand-held device in their hands.

For those who don’t know what that is, it’s an Ipod, or in the case of madeFresh, it’s their POSLABU. The small Ipod lets the servers take your order at the table which allows them to go over that order before they send it back to the kitchen. This system makes it almost impossible to have mistakes in the orders. The order is then sent to the kitchen where it all comes out for the kitchen staff to see. A very new modern technology that you see on the restaurant make-over shows!

What I liked about madeFresh was their dedication to serving up the best food possible and also supporting the local farmers at the same time. Not only do they try to bring in local food, but they also help out many local organizations.

This year madeFresh has been a big sponsor of F.A.W.N. During the flood, madeFresh allowed anyone to drop off food donations or pet supplies at their restaurant to help out flood victims and their pets.

On April 22 from 3-7 p.m., bring in your own container and help support F.A.W.N by purchasing a take-out spaghetti dinner at a cost of $12.

There will also be baked goods on site to purchase to help raise money for the organization.

madeFresh can be found on Facebook or check out their main webpage at

So, if you haven’t tried this amazing hotspot yet, I would highly recommend it! 

Kim Berly

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