A lead foot leads to lighter wallets – Good Friday Traffic Blitz

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TicketTHUNDER BAY – A lead foot leads to lighter wallets as Thunder Bay Police were out on traffic duty. If you were in a hurry on the roads today, it was not your day if you were travelling along Oliver Road near Lakehead University. Thunder Bay Police Service was out on a safety and speeding blitz today. 

A number of local drivers were tagged with tickets for speeding and other infractions. 

A similar event just over a year ago saw large numbers of drivers also tagged for speeding in the same stretch of Oliver Road where there have been a number of accidents and incidents.

Today’s beautiful weather coupled with the stores being closed had many drivers out on the roads. Speeding infractions are the result of drivers either not paying attention, or simply not 

As the weather warms, and we start getting more bright and sunny days, a sure way to enjoy them is by driving at the posted speed limits. Not only is it safer, more relaxing, but also less expensive on your wallet.

Lead Foot on the Gas Pedal Means a Lighter Wallet and Less Safety on our streets!