Kashechewan Fire shows courage of First Responders

nan NAPs Nishnawbe-Aski Police Unit NAPS

nan NAPs Nishnawbe-Aski Police Unit NAPSKASHECHEWAN- Fire in northern communities is one of the issues that Nishnawbe Aski Police deal with on a regular basis. The stresses that are faced by First Responders, including Police, Fire Fighters, and Paramedics is huge. In this video, shared with permission it shows how Emergency First Responders deserve the greatest of respect.

Fire in Kashechewan

Northern Policing

In the north, the efforts of police, fire and medical professionals is a huge responsibility. First responders rush in to situations where others are running out. 

NAPs for example patrol an area the size of many European countries, and they do so with few of the technical tools or easy faster back up help that police in large urban centres take for granted.