Sandi Boucher – One hug at a time

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Sandi Boucher

THUNDER BAY  – Editorial – We have all heard the saying “you reap what you sow” but today I am reminded how true that is, as echoed in every comment I receive, every hug I enjoy, every call that is taken, every email opened.

Sandi Boucher – One hug at a time

You see, long before I became a motivational speaker, I realized this world needed WAY MORE Positivity and light, not some fake happy, but genuine appreciation of the souls that walk this planet. 

I think it began with my Mom, telling her often how much we loved her, so that she would know.  Then it spread to my friends, telling them how beautiful they looked, how much I loved and needed them in my life and so on and so forth.  It became easy to smile at a stranger, to comment on a beautiful necklace, to compliment a beautiful spirit.

After years of living my life in such a manner, I love that now I am known for my hugs, and in fact there is one local agency I support that I routinely visit, with no other purpose but to offer a hug to those that work there. 

I love that now my arrival is actually met with SQUEALS of delight from a woman or two that truly needed a hug.

Yes I love that now, if my friends see something motivational, they think of me.  I love that I am known as the woman who always has something encouraging to say, a hug to give, or a heartfelt “thank you” to share.

I love my reputation, which of course leads me to ask … do you love yours? 

What are you known for?  Do you add to the life of your friends, or are you the one who is “kind enough” to point out all they are doing wrong?  Do you let your fellow human beings walk their path or do you try to educate with every word, thereby distancing yourself from everyone … and do you feel alone as a result?

We reap what we sow, we get back what we put out, so tell me my friend, what words will you send on their journey today? 

What actions will define how you are remembered? 

What reputation will you build? 

It is up to you, and whatever you choose, please remember …

I love you!


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Sandi Boucher is a published author and motivation speaker, born and raised in a small Northern Ontario town. A proud member of the Seine River First Nation, Sandi is introducing the world to the Ojibwe teachings of her Mother, using these ageless lessons to show others how to find and enjoy their own strengths and gifts.