Healthy Together Award Winner – Sarah Chow

Healthy Together Award Winner - Sarah Chow
Healthy Together Award Winner – Sarah Chow

THUNDER BAY – Health – There are two reasons Sara Chow takes an active approach to life.

“When I choose to eat the right foods and exercise, I feel better physically and mentally,” she says.  “I also want to be healthy for my family and friends.  My Mom passed away at a young age from chronic disease, and my experiences with her illness motivate me to make sure that I’m able to enjoy my life with those I love while doing the things that I love to do.”

Healthy Together Award Winner

It’s for these reasons that Sara is so passionate about healthy living.  And now, that passion is being recognized at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre as Sara was selected as the 2012 Walk the Talk: Healthy Together Award Winner.

The Walk the Talk Awards have been given out each year since 1999 to recognize employees of the Health Sciences Centre that demonstrate excellence contributing to the mission, vision and values of TBRHSC.  Specifically, Sara’s award recognizes an individual or team who has made a significant contribution in the areas of Comprehensive Clinical Care, Addiction and Mental Health, Aboriginal Health or Chronic Disease in support of the healthy together vision and strategic plan.

Sara has been an employee of the Health Sciences Centre since the Fall of 2010 when she began as a Project Assistant in the Information Systems department.  Following that, she became an Intern in the Preventive Oncology program and has now moved into the role of Project Assistant in Prevention and Screening Services.

Many of Sara’s professional activities directly correlate with her love of active living. When she’s not at work she makes time to run, cycle, coach basketball, play team sports and cook healthy meals. While at work, you’ll often find her at the entrance to Flavours Cafeteria promoting wellness activities for staff including cancer screening programs, the employee Walk/Run group and general healthy living tips. “I really like the fact that my personal beliefs fit so well with my role here at the Health Sciences Centre,” she says.

Every Wednesday after work in the warmer months finds Sara leading the Walk/Run group for employees.  The group meets at the entrance to Radiation Therapy and breaks into either walkers or runners and gets active for about an hour.  “It’s a great opportunity to be active at work and you don’t need to have any experience to get started – in fact, people who have never run before are now running on their own,” she says.  “It’s a fantastic and diverse group and I can see that it’s made a significant difference in people’s wellbeing.”

So what tips does Sara have for us to help us stay healthy?

“Break out of your routine,” she says.  “Take time to get active.  You can exercise in small chunks throughout the day.  You’ll be amazed at how much better you can concentrate after coming back from a brisk walk.”

She also says, “It doesn’t take much.  Anyone can be successful at making healthy changes.  Try something healthy and new. Do it for yourself or your family and invite someone to join you.”

Congratulations to Sara Chow on her Walk the Talk: Healthy Together award!

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