Gasoline Spill at Confederation College

Confederation College

Confederation CollegeTHUNDER BAY – There has been a gasoline spill at Confederation College. A  gas pump malfunction occurred on the Thunder Bay campus resulting in 140 gallons (700 L) of gasoline spilling into the storm water system.  The college’s sewer infrastructure is not tied into the city’s line. No gasoline entered the ground or the McIntyre River.

An environmental clean-up company is currently on site and has contained the spill caught in the storm water catch basin.

The Technical Standard & Safety Authority (TSSA) was notified by the Ministry of Environment and they will be inspecting the fuel pump to determine the cause of the malfunction.

The college is requesting that people stay clear of the area between the Shuniah and Dorion buildings until the clean-up is complete.

There were no injuries as a result of the fuel spill.