Unity Protocol reaffirmed by Grand Council Treaty #3 and Anishinabek Nation

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medicine wheelTHUNDER BAY – The Grand Council of Treaty #3 and the Anishinabek Nation have reaffirmed a Unity Protocol that will see them work together on issues of mutual concern in areas of child welfare, lands and resources, and protection of treaty and Aboriginal rights. “I see this as an opportunity to build on our relationship and work through issues that impact both Nations. In discussions with Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Madahbee, we’ve agreed that we share the same vision in areas of child welfare, and lands and resources” commented Grand Chief Warren White, Grand Council Treaty #3.

Validated in a traditional ceremony at Pow Wow Island in Wauzhushk Onigum, Treaty #3 Grand Council Chief Warren White and Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Patrick Wedaseh Madahbee today agreed to share knowledge of traditional law‐making processes and institutions that are consistent with Sacred and Traditional Anishinaabe Law including such law:

  • That protects the land, resources, the environment, and all life in our territories;
  • That provides for the best interests of the child in a traditional community and culture;
  • That confirms and protects Anishinaabe citizenship;
  • That solidifies and strengthens the spirit and intent of our treaties in the vision of our ancestors as signatories of those treaties; and
  • Other written law as may be identified in the spirit of the protocol.

The two Grand Chiefs saw areas of mutual concern that both Nations could benefit from by sharing information and knowledge with each other.

“Ogichidaa Warren White and I have taken the advice of our elders and respective leaders on some of our more critical priorities. With ongoing legislative attacks by all levels of government, this is just the first step in reaffirming our sovereignty and unity at the fundamental base of the Anishinabek Nation”, said Grand Council Chief Patrick Wedaseh Madahbee, Anishinabek Nation.