US Election: It all comes down to the voters

United States Politics

United States Politics

THUNDER BAY – It all comes down to the voters. Two plus years of primaries, months and months of campaigning and literally billions of dollars spent on advertising for all the candidates, and it all comes down to a person in a little booth making a decision.

At the top of the campaign, the race for President, depending on the pollster whom you are willing to believe the race is basically neck-in-neck. Although on his program today, Conservative radio pundit Rush Limbaugh carefully explained that it is going to be Romney in a walk.

President Obama and Governor Romney are both campaigning hard right to the ‘finish line’, it is likely by morning, both men will have been up most of the night, trying to ensure each possible voter gets out to cast a ballot.

The messages are being sent out via Youtube, and Livestream.

On Youtube, Mitt Romney’s videos have 29,349,489 views. President Obama’s channel has been viewed 262,333,200 times.