Thunder Bay Police investigating reports of nude pictures of local teens

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Thunder Bay Police

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THUNDER BAY – Crimebeat – Just days after reports of Amanda Todd committing suicide over being bullied comes news from the City of Thunder Bay Police over concerns of nude pictures of local teens being distributed to other teens in the city. Amanda Todd committed suicide after being harassed online after flashing an unknown male and showing her breasts while in the seventh grade reportedly during an online video chat.

Thunder Bay Police advise, “The issue of nude images being distributed is not a school based issue, it is community issue. Once school officials became aware of the situation they were prudent to contact police. School officials, police and other community partners are working together to deal with this issue in a way that will benefit the youth in our community.

In a media release, TBPS state: “Police are looking into potential child pornography issue. Police have been contacted by school officials regarding reports of nude photos of teens being distributed to other teens in the city. The police are working with school officials to deal with this issue appropriately.

The Problem: Parents need to understand that in this world of advanced technology, their children have access to great multi-media devices that have the capability of distributing a variety of information in a very quick manner. Parents are encouraged to speak to their children about the ramifications of taking and sending nude photo of themselves or forwarding nude photos that they have received from their friends.

The Law: Any nude image of a young person under the 18 years is considered to be child pornography. The person who took the image could be investigated for the offence of Making Child Pornography. Once this image is posted and sent electronically then the offences of Distribution of Child Pornography and Possession of Child Pornography become issues.

When the police are investigating child pornography incidents, they will be seizing any electronic device that images have been viewed on. These devices will not be returned since images can never be truly deleted from them. This would mean that any phone, computer, Ipad or any other such device would be forfeited.

The Long Term Impact: The other issue that should be noted for young people is that anything that is posted electronically will always exist in some format and the consequences for future employment opportunities may be hampered if the future employers do a thorough background check.

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