This would mean 50,000 people would have to donate $100 – Andy Wolff

Andy Wolff A Hippie Kind of Dream

Andy Wolff A Hippie Kind of DreamTHUNDER BAY – Readers Ledger – So, Councillor Foulds wants us citizens to dig as deep as we can to help reach the $5 million to match $10 million from the province. This would mean 50,000 people would have to donate $100 to achieve this goal.

Is it realistic to think that simply by fund raising, we are going to achieve this goal? Even with the assistance of corporations?

Well Councillor Foulds, we citizens already donated to this flood relief fund, proactively I might add. It’s called property taxes that have been accumulated to the point of approximately $100 million in reserve funds, plus an additional $20 million for the Renew Thunder Bay fund. That average to about $1200 per citizen, so go ahead and donate my portion to the flood victims.

If every citizen is willing to have $150 of their tax dollars being donated to this worthy cause, we will successfully achieve the goal of the $15 million required. If you support this idea, I encourage you to write or call your city councillors.

Andy Wolff

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Andy Wolff ran as a candidate for Current River Ward Councillor in the 2010 Municipal Election. He is a Citizen Representative for Thunder Bay’s Anti-Racism Advisory Committee.