Thunder Bay and District Labour Council will celebrate Labour Day on Monday

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Events NowTHUNDER BAY – On Monday, September 3rd, the Thunder Bay and District Labour Council will celebrate Labour Day at the Labour Centre, with live music (Rodney Brown), kids’ activities, and picnic.

The day-to-day efforts of trade unions – meeting with members, presenting briefs to municipal councils and other government bodies, joining in community fundraising efforts such as United Way  are important in every community.

Labour Day highlights the difference unionized workplaces have made in the community by providing fairness, dignity, and respect for workers while raising the standards of health & safety, and employment laws, compensation, wages and benefits through collective bargaining and voice in the political spectrum for issues such as privatization and health care.

Defending working women and men’s issues in employment has been the traditional trade mark of unions and new, political action in the face of governments who at times seem bent on eroding the social safety net, fair work laws, and hard earned rights. Unions will celebrate the voice they have given Canadians to challenge governments on policy which hurts the ability of people to earn a decent living and favours globalized employers.

Workers have been hard hit in the past few years with maintaining public health care, protecting pensions for workers from unscrupulous employers, and in Northwestern Ontario in particular, the loss of good jobs.

WHEN: Labour Day Picnic, Monday September 3, 12 noon
WHERE: Lakehead Labour Centre Ball Diamond