‘Hey telemarketer, leave my cell alone!’


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THUNDER BAY – ‘Hey telemarketer, leave my cell alone!’ – With all due apologies to Pink Floyd, for people with cellular telephone, or for that matter any telephone you can register your telephone number, in Canada, with the National ‘Do Not Call’ list. That takes your number off of the list that most telemarketers can call.

With a wireless phone, those calls could actually end up costing you airtime minutes.

When you register your number with the National Do Not Call List (NDNL) list it will save you from most calls.
Your phone, and thereby you should receive fewer telemarketing calls, but there are some exceptions including:

  • registered charities;
  • political parties and candidates;
  • opinion polling firms or market research firms conducting surveys;
  • newspapers calling to sell a subscription;
  • organizations that have a business relationship with you, for example:
  • you’ve done business with the organization in the last 18 months
  • you’ve inquired about the organization’s products or services in the last 6 months.

To register your number, online go to https://www.lnnte-dncl.gc.ca/index-eng