Camp Quality Blog # 8 Shoot for the Moon and You’ll Reach the Stars

Campers heading to the bus. Braeden used to be the size of Lucas at camp
Campers heading to the bus. Braeden used to be the size of Lucas at camp

THUNDER BAY – Our world tour brought us back to North America today and the Camp Quality family ventured out on a field trip to a couple of our favourite spots, the Nor’West Outdoor Adventure Centre and the Canada Games Complex.

“Try to shoot for the moon and you’ll reach the stars,” was the advice given to our group by Ruth Chapman at the Nor’West Centre today. Ruth has had her own health and life challenges over the years and feels inspired by our campers. Among other skill challenges at the Centre, the pole climbing was popular and many achieved success, nearly reaching the stars. Everyone feels a sense of accomplishment from the challenges they take on at the centre.

Just give me a challenge and I will master it …..
Just give me a challenge and I will master it …..

Talking about “stars”, Joline and Reagan were interviewed by CBC reporter Adrienne Lamb early this morning.

Joline and Reagan waiting for the CBC interview to begin in "our office"
Joline and Reagan waiting for the CBC interview to begin in “our office”

You can reach their interview by clicking here: Camp Quality CBC Thunder Bay Interview

One of the questions that Adrienne asked Reagan was if a lot of time at camp was spent in sadness over their illness or lost friends or was it more about fun. Reagan’s response that is was more about fun is spot on. Our role at Camp Quality is not to find a cure, but to provide the escape from the realities of cancer through camps and other activities. The therapy comes from the laughter and we had our share today.

The Canada Games Complex was a wonderful place for a swim and shower this afternoon. It is not always easy keeping clean at camp so everyone had a good soak and a shower. The camaraderie of the group is so evident when we are away from our home base. Everyone looks out for each other in an encouraging way.

The first game of the annual tennis tournament was late this afternoon continuing tomorrow morning. The East Loon Lake Campers Association have been so kind to lend us their tennis courts. Thanks you to the Stitt family for their support over the years. We also had party barge rides, a fashion show and tonight was the biggest, most amazing fireworks that was ever seen at Camp Quality …..until next year.

The Pyro Boyz (London Fireworks) were approached 11 years ago to bring us out some fireworks for our last night of camp. Our budget was $500 but the value of the fireworks show is far beyond that, not to mention the enjoyment of the people on Loon Lake who benefit as well. This year, we were part of an experiment as they brought out a barge to keep the fireworks out on the lake and there were 16 remote control detonators for each camper to have a turn igniting one. The light show was over the moon and definitely all the way to the stars. Thanks Boyz!

Tomorrow is our last full day. Bocce, tennis, limo rides, tubing, awards and the dance party. Another busy day as we travel to Europe.

Clara Butikofer

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