Camp Quality Blog: #6 Belly Laughs & Harleys

Our visit from the Thunder Bay Harley Owner’s Group
Our visit from the Thunder Bay Harley Owner’s Group

THUNDER BAY – Another fun-filled day is drawing to a close at Camp Quality. We have been hearing from our past volunteers that they are following this blog. That’s amazing! Everyone who has had a chance to be part of Camp Quality NW should have a sense of belonging. Our location hasn’t changed, a few of the original volunteers are still here and much of the routine is the same. In fact, it feels like we never left. The Loon Lake neighbours are always happy to see us and are looking forward to our annual fireworks on Friday.

We were away in Australia today with the passports stamped this morning and the travellers presented with wide brimmed hats. There was a fun scavenger hunt this morning, a visit from Thunder Bay Search & Rescue, crazy competitions, and a great afternoon in the water with several generous Loon Lake watercraft owners coming to take the kids tubing. There is a well stocked and well used board game supply.

These campers have enjoyed Camp Quality since they were three!
These campers have enjoyed Camp Quality since they were three

At supper I suggested that the campers may wish to write a short note to their parents that would be posted in the blog. A number of them obliged and here are a few… Parents you will get the originals on Sunday!

– I had so much fun at camp. My favourite part was tubing. I only ate a little bit of candy. It’s okay if you come a little late on Sunday.

– We are having such fun, Maelyn and I went swimming and we went tubing . It was really fun. This morning we had “Koala” back bacon. It was good and tonight we get to make our own ice cream …Yum. See you when I get home!

-It’s Harley night and we’re going to make ice cream. Try not to get too jealous. Love you!

– I hope you’re having fun without me. I know I’m having fun without you.

– We are having fun. I went tubing today with JoJo, going fishing tomorrow .
So that should be fun and we have the camp dance tomorrow seeing everyone and spending time with friends and chilling out with people is fun. Miss you lots.

– Hi. I like sushi now and shepherds pie. You’re not likely gonna make me try anything again. By the way, I know Tae Kwon Do. Haha. Don’t mess with me. Call ya later. Miss me yet?

– The past three days have been really fun! The first night was pretty chill
so I got a chance to visit with everyone. The second day we went to the Festival of India . It was interesting and the food was amazing. Today we went tubing and later on tonight we have our annual Harley rides. It’s one of my most favourite events at camp! Anyways see you Sunday!

– HI. We have had a lot of fun. My favourite food was the fruit. I loved tubing..

– I really enjoy camp ,we do fun things like basketball and tubing. I got to eat Shepherd’s pie, my favourite. I really miss you…..

My guess is that they are having a good time.

This evening 40 motorcycles from the Thunder Bay H.O.G came for their 6th annual visit, taking campers and volunteers for a short ride and presenting the campers with Harley shirts, caps and stuffed toys. John & Barbara Trevisanutto have been the champions of this event over the years. $3200 was also presented to our cause this evening by these generous people.

John T & Kyle
John T giving Kyle a ride

We spent time this evening in our new “Place for Solitude” that has been built by Camp Quality on the Camp Duncan site. We reflected on our dear camper Michael who passed away this past winter, honoring him with our thoughts and memories. This area of camp has been an on-going project and has received support from many to build it and recently volunteer Vince Mirabelli has inspired others to help him begin to finish the project. While there is still work to be done it has shaped up to be a beautiful place.

If you are a former CQ volunteer or camper we want to stay connected and the campers and volunteers would love to hear from you please email us to send your greetings. We will post them at camp for everyone to read. You can reach us by emailing

Off to bed as we have a trip to Africa tomorrow.

Clara Butikofer
Camp Quality

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TbaytelCamp Quality will be connected this year by Tbaytel with Internet from East Loon Lake at the Thunder Bay United Church Camp Duncan.

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