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THUNDER BAY – Do you know the way to Camp Quality? It is that a way. This sign is the signal that WE ARE BACKKKKK Loon Lakers.

I wonder if I am the only person that was tingling with excitement when they saw the sign and the familiar feel of driving on the East Loon Lake Road.

Camp Quality time means that there are many businesses and individuals that have gone above and beyond the call of duty for our organization.

The brand new donated trailers from Smith’s RV and Gordon’s Trailer Sales & Rentals were delivered and in place this morning for the medical station. A 1 Sewage services delivered the donated port-a-potties. Perfect Parties have set up some extra shelter for us and the location looks spiffy and clean waiting for the campers to arrive…..

The campers were picked up today at the traditional meeting spot, The Landmark Inn. Campers also arrived by plane. Since the start of Camp Quality NW in 2001 the transportation has been supplied by First Student Canada, and Bearskin Airlines free of charge. May I repeat free of charge!

Bearskin Airlines the official Airline of Camp Quality
Greeting Taylor and Camryn from Dryden today was Cliff Friesen from Bearskin Airlines, our official airline!

Companions are the volunteers that are assigned to each camper to be their 24 hr a day buddy. As many of the campers and companions have been together for years, the boarding of the bus can have some very special moments.

Camp Quality 2012
Vince and Connor have been together for four years and there will be more on Vince’s contributions to Camp Quality later this week…
Camp Quality Northwest
It is time to board the bus and the whole group gathers for a media opportunity photo. This is a family photo of the Camp Quality family..

Camp Quality 2012

At camp the routine begins and the campers check in and get their passports getting ready for their trip around the world …. Tomorrow we are off to Asia and a visit to the Festival of India at the Thunder Bay Waterfront. Maybe we will see you there!

Clara Butikofer
Camp Quality

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TbaytelCamp Quality will be connected this year by Tbaytel with Internet from East Loon Lake at the Thunder Bay United Church Camp Duncan.

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