WISSOTA Super Stocks – Rick Simpson claims Super Stock Win, Paull, Veert claim wins

Emo Speedway
Tabitha Wasylyk of Winnipeg, Manitoba held the Canadian Flag during Anthems at the Emo Speedway on July 14th. #29 Gordie Lancaster of Turtle River, Minnesota held the American Flag. Lancaster is celebrating his 50th year of racing. Photo by John DuCharme

THUNDER BAY – Sports – It was a hot, beautiful day for stock car racing at the Emo Speedway as the WISSOTA Super Stocks made a special trip to the track for the first time since 2008. Even more exciting was the dramatic increase in WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds as cars came from all over the region from Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, and Minnesota. It created a very complete program as thirteen WISSOTA Super Stocks also came from all over the region. A great crowd was on hand to check out some great Amsoil Dirt Track Series Action.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds started out in three heats. In the first heat, Christopher Leek and Paul Veert battled side by side, but Veert held off for the win. In the second heat, Cody Ossachuk started on the pole and stayed there to win it. Chris Boroskae finished second. In the third heat, Matt DePiero gained the lead over Brody Strachan for the win, with Ken Perry finishing second. The Street Stocks came out next with Tylar Wilson claiming the win. Garret Gamsby took up second spot. In the WISSOTA Super Stocks heat races, Dan Tocheri passed Shawn Polonoski for the win for heat one. In heat two, Gary Nelson Jr. came from third for the win.

Rick Simpson, Dalton Carlson, and Brian Carl race side by side by side during WISSOTA Super Stock Racing action at the Emo Speedway on July 14th. Photo by John DuCharme

During intermission, Gordie Lancaster talked about his history with racing as he is currently celebrating his fiftieth anniversary of racing. His first race at the Emo Speedway was forty years ago.

After intermission, a total of nineteen WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds took to the track. Glenn Godin and Ken Perry started on the front row. The large number of cars made it difficult to get the race going, as several minor incidents bogged down the start. Once things got going though, Veert and Leek had moved their way to the top two positions, setting off a duel similar to the heat race. Meanwhile, Brady Caul, who had started sixteenth, had now moved to the top five. But Veert started to pull away as the field restarted once more about halfway through the race. Not planning to give up however, Leek went to the high side of the track, trying to find whatever grip he could. As the two cars started to catch up to some slower cars, Veert had to hit the brakes a couple times, allowing Leek to get right up beside him as the white flag waved. But coming out of turn four, Leek just could not do it, giving Veert his first win at the Emo Speedway.

Paul Veert of Winnipeg Manitoba
Paul Veert of Winnipeg Manitoba in #88 won the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature after holding off current track points leader Christopher Leek. Photo by John DuCharme

The Emo Street Stocks were up next as Darien Trimble and Garret Gamsby started on the front row. Wilson started outside the second row and made it three wide almost right away. Trimble kept a short lead, but on a restart, had trouble handling the car and was passed by Gamsby and Wilson. It was Wilson that quickly gained the lead though and pulled away the entire race for his third win of the year.

The WISSOTA Modifieds were the third feature of the night with Tyler Brown on the front row with veteran Gary Wilson. Brown gained an early lead, but Gavin Paull ran the mid high part of the track to pull forward. There was plenty of side by side action for second spot as Paull took the lead about halfway. Boyce, Brown, and Trimble had some great racing for second spot, but Brown was able to claim second even though Boyce had him on several occasions. This is Paull’s fifth win of the season and still sits high in the standings even after missing last weekend’s races.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks came on to the track for the main event. The thirteen cars had Scott Messner and Gary Nelson Jr. on the front row. The first few laps had Jr. and Messner battling, but Simpson had moved up to second from fourth spot. He then dived underneath Jr. for the lead. After a caution, the car of Dan Tocheri started to move up the field. Polonoski tried to stick his nose on the outside of Simpson at one point but could not get it to stick. Tocheri took advantage and claimed second spot. But the real battle was for fourth as Nelson Jr, Guyot, and Carlson all jostled for a higher spot. Even with a narrow groove, Nelson Jr. squeezed by the other two competitors getting fourth position.  Simpson went on to win his second WISSOTA Super Stock feature event at Emo Speedway.

Feature winner Rick Simpson
Rick Simpson #70K of Thunder Bay, ON took the checkered flag at the Emo Speedway for the WISSOTA Super Stock Special. Photo by John DuCharme

Big congratulations and thank you to all the drivers and volunteers for a fantastic night of racing. Thank you for the great fan support and hope to see everyone for next Saturday night. Thank you to SBA Engineering, Veert Landscaping, Tom Veert Contracting, Barwick Service, Vern Thompson repair, Norlund Oil, Glen Jackson, Tom Jackson, Kaleb Firth, Gary Judson, Strachan Trucking, and Green’s BBQ Bar for all their help and financial support for a great night of racing. Racing resumes on July 21st with Hot laps at 7pm and racing at 7:30pm. Check out ww.borderlandracing.com for more information.


WISSOTA Super Stocks:


Feature – Rick Simpson, Dan Tocheri, Shawn Polonoski, Gary Nelson Jr., Dalton Carlson, Eric Guyot, Paul Veert, Scott Messner, Gordie Lancaster, Tabitha Wasylyk, Todd Carlson, Brian Carl, Jean Fortin

Heat 1 – Tocheri, Polonoski, Simpson, Veert, Carlson, Guyot, Carlson

Heat 2 – Nelson Jr., Messner, Fortin, Lancaster, Carlson, Wasylyk


WISSOTA Modifieds:


Feature – Gavin Paull, Tyler Brown, Darian Boyce, Denny Trimble, Ron Korpi, Dustin Wahl, Steve Nordin, Mike Tiani, Glen Strachan, Gary Wilson, Lindsay Bourre

Heat 1 – Boyce, Paull, Strachan, Wilson, Bourre, Nordin

Heat 2 – Wahl, Trimble, Brown, Korpi, Tiani


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:


Feature – Paul Veert, Christopher Leek, Brady Caul, Scott Bruce, Cody Ossachuk, Dwayne Pihulak, Anthony Visser, Chuck Lambert, Ken Perry, Bill Reimer, Chris Boroskae, Chad Bogacki, Jake Rea, Glenn Godin, Matt DePiero, Brody Strachan, Channing Sproule, David Simpson, Mike Wilson

Heat 1 – Veert, Leek, Lambert, Wilson, Pihulak, Sproule

Heat 2 – Ossacuk, Boroskae, Visser, Bruce, Caul, Simpson

Heat 3 – DePiero, Perry, Godin, Reimer, Rea, Bogacki, Strachan


Street Stocks:

Feature – Tylar Wilson, Garret Gamsby, Jeff Wickstrom,  Kyle Godin, Chris Shine, Tyler Wickstrom, Darien Trimble

Heat – Wilson, J. Wickstrom, Trimble, Gamsby, Godin, T. Wickstrom, Shine

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