Local Dining Treasures: Carrie’s Corner is a true hidden gem

Carries Corner

Carrie's Corner

THUNDER BAY – We all have our favorite local “hot spots” to go too, but let me tell you about this north-side gem. Carrie’s Corner is located at the corner of Carrie Street and Windemere Ave, just off Red River Road.

Carrie’s Corner is a small convenience store with a grill inside. Owner Ralph, who says he doesn’t need to be recognized, says he is old school. They have no internet and no computers, so there is no Facebook page or online presence. He believes in providing fresh homemade products for fair prices.

I decided on Saturday to try this little hot spot out and see what the entire rave was about.

Upon walking in, you will notice the grill area behind the counter and that you have entered into a corner store. Menu boards align the top of the grill area with all the foods available.

Carrie’s Corner has something for everyone, homemade soups, perogies, cabbage rolls and of course burgers, fries, onion rings and even milkshakes. I have to admit, with all the heavy foods available it was nice to see that Carrie’s Corner offers homemade Caesar Salads, Greek and Chefs salads.

Greek Salad

The Greek salad came with a slice of garlic bread as well. The chef salad had lots of cheese, turkey, ham, green peppers, tomato’s, and cucumbers and green onions.

The salads can be added as a side to your burgers or you can just purchase them as a side, you can buy a small, or a large salad. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised when the girl at the counter told me that the Greek & Caesar dressing are homemade by Carrie’s Corner.

The salads were made with the freshest lettuce and vegetables. I could find no fault in these salads, other then a small was way too big for me to finish! The prices are great for the amount of food you receive.

Carries Corner Burger

The burgers are very large with generous portions of bacon and cheese, unless of course you simply order a regular burger, then it’s a burger with tomato, lettuce, mustard, relish, ketchup and onions.

The small poutine had lots of gooey cheese and smothered gravy.

We also ordered a hot turkey sandwich and we were pleasantly surprised to see just how much turkey you actually received in the sandwich.

Carrie’s Corner is a true hidden gem, unless you have been there you have no idea what you are missing!

Carrie’s Corner is always busy, no matter what time of the day you go there; you will see the city workers, the hydro crews, many local businessmen running in to grab some good quality take-out. The staff at Carries Corner recognizes its regular customers and they appreciate all the business from all the regulars.

Carrie’s Corner has been open since 1990 and continues to bring in new customers, as the word of mouth spreads so does their business. Thumbs Up to good service, awesome tasting food and a great value for what you receive.

Carrie’s Corner
61 Windermere N
Thunder Bay Ontario
Phone: 807-768-1104

Kim Berly

Kim Berly
Kim Berly

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