Town of Fort William in 1905 Celebrating Dominion Day


Dominion Day Town of Fort WilliamTHUNDER BAY – Celebrating Canada Day in 1905 meant celebrating Dominion Day. Here the town of Fort William (for it would be two more years before it could call itself a city) took to the streets for a parade.

Three streetcars accompany the town’s brass band, children dressed in their finest clothing and a variety of women’s and men’s organizations as they march up Victoria Avenue and turn onto Simpson Street.

Note the single electric light poised over what was then the town’s main intersection. However, the many wires on poles along the side of the street foreshadow the rapid growth of electric power.

Thunder Bay Museum

A Moment with the Museum:
Text by Tory Tronrud, Thunder Bay Museum
Photo courtesy of the Thunder Bay Museum