Premier Dalton McGuinty – I want to thank our emergency crews in Elliot Lake


Dalton McGuintyQUEEN’S PARK – Today, less than twenty-four hours after the collapse of the roof of teh Algo Mall in Elliot Lake, Premier Dalton McGuinty issued a statement on the situation.

“I want to thank our emergency crews in Elliot Lake as well as those that have come from southern Ontario to help with the rescue effort for their good work around the clock.

“I spoke with Mayor Rick Hamilton this morning.

“As we anxiously wait to learn more about anyone thought to be missing in Elliot Lake, our thoughts and prayers are with their families, and also with those who have been injured and indeed with the entire community.

“During a crisis like this, I am reminded of the strength and resilience of Northern Ontarians, and how by pulling together with our friends, families and neighbours, we can get through these difficult times.”