Duluth Experiencing Widespread Damage from Floodwaters


Grandma's restaurant
Grandma’s Restaurant in Duluth

THUNDER BAY – Extreme weather in the form of rain has been hammering Duluth Minnesota over the past 36 hours. The weather has caused widespread flooding, and has damaged many roads and other infrastructure.

Gramma’s Restaurant by the mall has been impacted. So has the Target Store.

Damage appears wide-spread across the city.

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Due to heavy rainfall and flash floods, many roadways in and around the Duluth area are experiencing extremely dangerous conditions such as roadways underwater, sinkholes, mudslides, man hole covers open etc. Portions of I-35 in Duluth are impassable. Many homes are reporting flooded basements.

The Duluth Police Department is asking citizens to remain at home and any travel needs to be for emergency ONLY. Also, any calls to 911 should be for emergency purposes ONLY.

Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs said, “Our hearts go out to our Sister City Duluth as they deal with the flooding issues similar to what we faced two weeks ago. Please keep Duluth and area in your thoughts and prayers as we go about our lives”.

Duluth flood
Retaining wall at the Whole Foods Co-op. 610 E. 4th Street, alley view.