Flood Aid will be held at Crocks on June 29


flood aidTHUNDER BAY – Flood Aid will be held at Crocks on June 29th. The proceeds of this event, that will start early and go into the wee hours of the morning will go to the Red Cross for disaster relief in Thunder Bay.

The show will start at 5PM and continue until 2AM.

Many local musicians will take to the Crocks stage to raise money to help the countless families affected by the flooding.

Shy-Anne Hovorka
Point North
Mackenzie Heights
Married Singlemen
Reverb Bomb
The Groove
Outside the Lines

Tickets $5
-100% of ticket sales will be donated to the Red Cross. In addition there will be a donation box on site.

Shy-anne will be taking to the stage at about 8:30PM.

Here is her latest video, The Glue:

Reverb Bomb will be playing at Flood Aid