Rain in Thunder Bay could slow work at the Atlantic Avenue Water Pollution Control Plant


Water Pollution Control Plant
Water Pollution Control Plant

THUNDER BAY – Today’s rain, along with showers forecasted over the weekend, could slow work at the Atlantic Avenue Water Pollution Control Plant, said Darrell Matson, General Manager – Infrastructure & Operations.

“The Water Pollution Control Plant is currently processing its normal daily flow, but any precipitation puts an added strain on our efforts,” Matson said.

“The City would like to thank everyone for their water conservation efforts and ask that they continue reducing their use over the weekend and wait for a further announcement on Monday. These efforts are making a difference and are appreciated by the team working on the plant and affected homeowners in Thunder Bay,” Matson said.

Landfill: Based on the 2011 totals over the same time period, the amount of material delivered to the Solid Waste and Recycling Facility on Mapleward Road has increased by double.

“Last year, in the same time period we took in 2.4 million kilograms, and in the last six days (from June 2 to June 7) we’ve taken in 4.87 million kilograms,” Matson said.

The amount of vehicles that passed through the facility also increased from 2,207 during this period last year to 3,522 over the same period this year.