Bill Mauro – The floodwaters have ended, but they left their mark


Bill Mauro MPPTHUNDER BAY – Leaders Ledger – The work continues in Thunder Bay. The floodwaters have ended, but they left their mark on the city of Thunder Bay and surrounding region, as well as the result of the backup and failure of the sewage treatment plant in the city of Thunder Bay.

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to tour out in Conmee with Kevin Holland and to drive through Oliver Paipoonge and see the devastation that these floodwaters created.

As well, yesterday morning, I spent a significant amount of time out in Kaministiquia with their roads board chair Leila Hobbie and board chairperson April Maki in the Silver Falls Road area. I’m told, and I can convey to them, that apparently those floodwaters on the Upper Kam are not expected to rise any more.

I want to thank Rene Legrose and his wife Debbie from the Kam Community Centre as well for their work. I want to thank Rick Kieri, Ron Nelson and Ziggy Polkowski, three of my rural mayors, as well, who confirmed that everything is good out in their region and they’re not looking for provincial assistance at this point.

Speaker, so many volunteers to thank, but a special nod to the St. Peter’s Church group in the east end, a place that holds a special spot in my heart and my family’s heart; the Thunder Bay fire department; all local fire departments; police; OPP; hydro; OPG; municipal employees; emergency operations; the district health unit; the Thunder Bay safe home program; MNR and MTO employees; the Red Cross, who have travelled from across the province to be in Thunder Bay and across the country; the Salvation Army; Clothing Assistance; Slovak Legion—so many to mention who have come together in typical northwestern Ontario fashion to try to lend support to all the people who have been affected by this flood.


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