Thunder Bay – “We’re wet and weary but we’re winning”


The Sleeping GiantTHUNDER BAY – “We’re wet and weary but we’re winning”! Sometimes it takes a crisis or emergency to realize just how Thunder Bay comes together and how special our community can be when we all work together. Over the past seventy-two hours, Thunder Bay has seen the worst flood in recent memory hit the region.

Roads are washed out, basements are flooded, and people are working to get things back to normal.

Across the community there have been hundreds of people come together without pause, and without thought, except that people need help and they are there.

We have seen cloudy skies, rain in record amounts and no one is complaining, people are helping.

“We’re wet and weary but we’re winning”.

Today, reports are that the Red Cross and Salvation Army are going to step up even more to help. Canadians are going to be asked to help our community too. All of the help is needed, and is very welcome. There are families in neighbourhoods across the region who have lost almost everything.

There are still flooded basements, and there is going to be a longer recovery for many people in the region.

Today, and over the next week the forecast is for clear skies and rain isn’t in the forecast. That should allow a lot more work to get done.

It will be important, as the sun starts shining and drying things out to keep in mind that until the Atlantic Avenue Treatment plant is up and running at full capacity to continue to conserve water. Kerri Marshall at Thunder Bay Environment states, “We are not able to operate at full capacity. We are asking all residents to reduce flushing where ever possible”.

It will also be important to realize that in many cases pathways along rivers, streams and creeks may not be as stable as they look.

We have, as a community made it through what is likely the worst of this crisis without any loss of life or serious injuries.

The road back is going to take lots of work, and lots of help. But make no mistake about it, the best of our community is showing in all the volunteers, all the companies who are helping, and in the hard work of police officers, fire fighters, city employees and elected officials.

“We’re wet and weary but we’re winning”.

James Murray

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