Minister Gravelle and MPP Bill Mauro issue statement on flooding in Thunder Bay Region


Michael Gravelle MPPQUEEN’S PARK – “The flood that has washed over the City of Thunder Bay has created difficulty for all, but I know the people of this city will work together to help one another through this. I will support this great city in any way I can as we work through this flood situation, and we continue to work closely with all partners to provide assistance as requested. My thoughts are with all those who have been impacted by this situation,” states Michael Gravelle, MPP Thunder Bay-Superior North and Minister of Natural Resources.

“The recent flooding has been a tremendous challenge for the people in Thunder Bay region. These are difficult circumstances, but the people of our region are extraordinary, and their exceptional nature is even more evident when we’re facing adversity. I want to thank everyone that has been working to bring our region back to normal, and helping their neighbours in their time of need,” added Bill Mauro, MPP Thunder Bay-Atikokan.

The two MPPs are not coming forward with the promise of money or support at this time from the McGuinty Government.

The reason for that is more process than anything else. A spokesperson for Minister Gravelle shares that the process followed is through the Municipalities which have declared states of emergency. They share with the province what is needed and then they work together to get the supplies and needed effort underway.

Minister Gravelle is in Queen’s Park, is anxious to get back to the riding and is likely back in the city by the weekend.