Major flooding city-wide has caused pump failures and flooding


breaking newsTHUNDER BAY – Major flooding city-wide has caused pump failures and flooding at the Atlantic Avenue Secondary Sewage Treatment Plant.

Homeowners are asked not to flush any non-essential water until the situation is addressed.

The portion of the plant that pumps sewage into the facility is under water. Pumps are being used to draw water from the area of the main pumps to allow an assessment of the damage.

Crews are responding to the emergency and the Emergency Operations Control Group is convening at 7AM.

To report plugged catch-basins or surface flooding call For information on basement flooding, sewer backups, and surface flooding including plugged catch-basins or roadside culverts call:
Infrastructure & Operations
Victoriaville Civic Centre
111 Syndicate Avenue S
Thunder Bay, ON
Tel: (807) 625-2195
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The heavy rainfall overnight has impacted many parts of the city and surrounding regions.

A state of emergency has been declared in Oliver Paipoonge. Officials report that most main roads have multiple washouts because of the rain and flooding. This includes Highway 11-17, Oliver Road, Twin City Crossroads, Fraser Road, Boulter Road, Poleline Road, Veley Lane, Maki Road, and Mud Lake Road.

Across the city, and especially in Northwood reports are coming in of flooding in basements, as well as Northwood Mall, where the parking lot resembles a lake.

The following Lakehead Public Schools are closed

Five Mile
Gorham Ware
Kakabeka Falls
Whitefish Valley
Valley Central

As well as the Lakeshore Area of Claude Garton and the Rosslyn Road area of Westmount.