Hydro One working to restore power in Northeastern Ontario


May 25 17:50EDT Hydro One Outages MapTHUNDER BAY – Forest fires across Northeastern Ontario have caused numerous power outages according the Hydro One. As well there are 1501 customers in Moosenee who are without electricity right now.

The cause in Moosenee is unknown but under investigation right now.

100 Hydro One crew members were given access by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to an area affected by the wild fires in the Kirkland Lake area on Thursday in order to start rebuilding electrical structures that were destroyed by a fire that started Sunday, May 20, 2012.

Hydro One crews are currently assessing the nature and extent of damage on a line that serves two local mines. No residential customers are affected by the damage to Hydro One equipment at present. Initial aerial observations showed that approximately 40 electrical structures will need to be replaced.

“Hydro One’s goal is to safely and quickly replace the structures. We continue to monitor the situation and will update the public on timing,” said Len McMillan, Vice-president, Lines and Forestry, Hydro One. “We are in communication with the Mayor and the Ministry of Natural Resources to ensure that restoration is a coordinated effort with other emergency services.”