Garbage Hound messes up Boulevard Lake


Gross Mess at Boulevard LakeTHUNDER BAY – It is a scene that looks more like an abandoned dump than what should be near a park. A garbage hound has messed up Boulevard Lake.

Don Malcolm shares, “I have been a life long resident of Thunder Bay and in general a resident of the North End now Current River. I am an amateur photographer and have been into photography for approximately 30 years”.

“I love to capture the true beauty in and around Thunder Bay but primarily in the Current River area, this being my old stomping grounds and all, what I came across the other day just floored me. As I was shooting down in the Sandy Beach area of Boulevard Lake I came across someone’s personal dump site.”

In an era where so many people are talking about protecting the environment, and our community has set a gold standard, this kind of mess is inexcusable.

“In my years of living in this area I have not seen such a total disrespect for Thunder Bay. Some person whom thinks that they are more important than anyone or anything thing decided to dump their household garbage in the ravine next to the pedestrian footbridge. This trash includes propane cylinders, couches, flyers, tires, lids off of buckets, and a love seat”.

Don shares, “To say that I am disgusted is putting this mildly. I am not one to get on a soapbox and preach to the unteachable but today I have found my windmill (Don Quixote)”.

Likely this is an area where city officials, or the police need to attend the scene to see if there are any materials there which could lead to the identity of the culprit or culprits treating Boulevard Lake as their personal trash bin.

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