Downtown: We are Alive and Well


Waterfront Youth ViewTHUNDER BAY – EDITORIAL – To the negative notion that “Downtowns are Dead”, I want to respond by saying that both city council and small business are breathing life back into both of the downtown cores by placing all government buildings in the business district and all shops, restaurants and bars in the entertainment district.

This idea has been adopted by so many other cities and it has proved successful. We can build things in both the south core and north core and still be one city.

This is a quote from the city of Thunder Bay website. “The City of Thunder Bay’s Renewal Plan identifies opportunities to enhance and grow our downtown cores — including the downtown south core as the business district and downtown north core as the entertainment district.”

The downtown south core location of the courthouse is crucial to advance the development strategies designed to grow the city and its economy.

The downtown north core location for the events centre is crucial to advance the entertainment district, it’s existing businesses and tourism. Small businesses, restaurants, bars — all of these things will be able to reap the benefit of the patronage of the multiplex as a part of the mix of being downtown.

It’s providing a leg of the stool that supports small business and enterprise. It means full tables, full parking, busy shops that can benefit from the traffic going by. Shop owners will enjoy the boost in foot traffic that the Multiplex brings.

The introduction of Prince Arthur’s Landing is proof positive that our downtown is alive and well. We are growing from a city of scattered development to clearly defined districts. Organizing our city into these districts will only enhance its growth and development in the future by attracting new business, new residents and residual infrastructure.

We are building a real downtown in the North complete with a new hotel and beautiful marina, restaurants and entertainment areas that are safe and offer entertainment after business hours. Progression is good, no matter where it happens.

We have a beautiful waterfront. The work that has been done there has vastly improved its appearance and a north core event centre would create the excitement and increase in tourism activity that this area so richly deserves. Our businesses care very much about our downtown and having the event centre be a part of the life of the city, will ensure that our downtown will continue to transform and grow.

Thunder Bay is moving forward. Let’s join in the successfully proven decisions of other cities our size, and build our events centre by the water; in our entertainment district, our waterfront district.

Angela Beaucage

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