Tbaytel Performing Network Upgrades to 4GHSPA


TbaytelTHUNDER BAY – The work of upgrading the network continues. Tbaytel advises that the company will be performing system upgrades to their 4G HSPA Network in the following coverage areas during the following time periods:

  • County Fair Coverage Area: Wednesday, March 28th between 6pm and 8pm EST AND Thursday, March 29th between 12am and 6am EST;
  • Court Street Coverage Area: Thursday, March 29th between 6pm and 8pm EST AND Friday, March 30th between 12am and 6am EST;
  • Vickers/Arthur Street Coverage Area: Friday, March 30th between 11am and 1pm EST AND Saturday, March 31st between 12am and 6am EST.

Tbaytel shares, “During these upgrade periods you will experience intermittent disruption to your Mobility service. Maintenance of Tbaytel systems and networks is necessary to ensure Tbaytel delivers quality service to you, our valued customers”.