Transit Cash Fare Set to go up by ten cents


ManInWheelChairGettingOnBuTHUNDER BAY – If you are paying cash to ride on Thunder Bay Transit, come April 1st you will have to add an extra dime to the total fare. Thunder Bay Transit will increase its passenger cash fare on Sunday, April 1, 2012 from $2.50 to $2.60. “Increasing the cash fare assists Transit in meeting the growing demand for Transit services by improving service reliability, ensuring our facilities and equipment are well-maintained and keeping our riders in the know with even better communications,” said Jon Hendel, Planning & Marketing Analyst.

The increase in cash fare was approved in the City of Thunder Bay’s 2012 Operating Budget. All passes and tickets will remain at their present rate.

Transit fares in other cities are comparable to Thunder Bay, in Winnipeg the fare is $2.40, in Regina it is $2.50, and in Calgary it is $2.75.

This is the first fare increase for Thunder Bay Transit since 2009.