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Sarah FochtTHUNDER BAY – Healthbeat – Each year, hundreds of thousands of dollars are generated from the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation’s special events. The money raised from each event goes toward advancing world-class healthcare for the people of Northwestern Ontario. Sarah Focht understands the significant impact that special events have, and that’s why she works so hard to make them happen.

Born and raised in Northwestern Ontario, Sarah attended Lakehead University where she earned her Honours degree in English with a minor in Political Science. After graduation she moved to London for a year where she furthered her education at the University of Western Ontario. Shortly after returning home, she accepted the position of Alumni and Student Engagement Officer at her alma mater. While working at Lakehead University, Sarah gained valuable work experience in multiple areas, including event planning. When the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation was looking for a Special Events Officer, Sarah was the right person for the job.

Since joining the Foundation team in June, Sarah has taken the lead on several golf tournaments and third-party events – an experience she thoroughly enjoys. “I really like our third-party events because it gives me the opportunity to meet a lot of new people in our community,” she explains. “It’s so inspiring to hear their stories and learn their reasoning for wanting to plan an event in support of the Foundation. I am proud that I get to help them accomplish something so meaningful.”

Aside from the opportunity to meet new people, Sarah also enjoys attending the events for the positive and excited atmosphere. “There is so much going on during an event, and everyone is always having such a great time,” she says. “Being able to attend such significant events as part of my job is great. It’s nice to see all the hours of hard work and planning pay off. The added benefit of knowing just how much the funds raised will impact the quality of healthcare in our community is just icing on the cake.”

Do you have an idea for an event in support of the Health Sciences Foundation? You can direct your fundraising efforts to one of our three specialty funds (Northern Cancer Fund, Northern Cardiac Fund, and the Health Sciences Discovery Fund), or to any other area of care of your choosing. If you’re looking for assistance in getting your event off the ground, Sarah is here to help. For more information, visit, or call Sarah at (807) 345-4673.

Sarah Focht is a Special Events Officer at the Health Sciences Foundation, working to advance healthcare for the people on Northwestern Ontario.

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