We call on Iran to release prisoners, such as Pastor Nadarkhani – Greg Rickford MP


Greg RickfordKENORA – Leader’s Ledger – Christian congregations in the great Kenora riding are extremely distressed regarding the unjust persecution of Pastor Nadarkhani and are united in prayer on his behalf.

Indeed, our government is deeply concerned by reports that the Iranian authorities may imminently execute Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani on charges of apostasy.

Freedom of religion or belief is a fundamental right recognized by the international community. Pastor Nadarkhani’s case is another example of the regime’s utter disregard for human rights and its failure to meet the internationally recognized norms. Iran consistently violates the human rights of religious and other minority groups.

We call on Iran to release prisoners, such as Pastor Nadarkhani, who face execution for charges contrary to Iran’s own laws and constitution, and to reverse its current course and meet its international human rights obligations.

Greg Rickford MP

Editor’s Note: Read more on Pastor Nadarkhani on Wikipedia.