Money is the new alcohol or oxycontin – Alec Oombash


Dream CatcherReader’s Ledger – Money is the new alcohol or oxycontin, opiates of the First Nation people being exploited by the eurocentric world order , It’s the new addiction and it is supported by enablers, fast industry and economics. There is no reflect of our ancestors, whatsoever in this context and to what the ancestors stood for.

The youth are doing it, because their mentors are doing it.

How many more people have to die? The society and the Governmentt, and non-native world supported them out here, ‘Well natives didn’t pull the wool over the eyes of the communities outside of the reserve’.

First Nations can’t laugh at the reality, but people out here see, that being proud that society and the government, and non-native world became the enablers of destruction.

First Nations didn’t just let down their communities, youth down, the generations to come, but overall; they have let the earth down.

Alec Oombash