Attawapiskat Loses Greg Shiseesh


Greg ShiseeshATTAWAPISKAT – The community of Attawapiskat is mourning the passing of Greg Shisheesh. The talented musician was, in a way the “unofficial opposition” speaking out in the community against some of the decisions made by the Chief and Council. The death of Shiseesh is another burden to bear by the tiny community of Attawapiskat.

Shisheesh wrote, “Trusting God,is like trusting your parents to look after you and they did without even asking them,put food on the table for you and clothes on you without asking them,they just want too do it all for you because they love you…Trusting God is free mind,no worries,it’s in his hands.”

In 2009 the community activist was a part of a blockade of the roadway to the De Beers Diamond Mine. At the time he said, “Attawapiskat Blockade…….Protest started on the winter road…Told the people if De Beers don’t listen we well take it right to their door step meaning South. We did that! Its on the works now they send a letter to our Chief saying they well work with us to reopen the IBA.”