Thunder Bay North Stars management have taken needed steps


NorthstarsTHUNDER BAY – Sports – In many ways in the world of sports, the desire to win seems to override the desire to have fun. Winning, or losing at sports is a natural part of the sport. Someone is going to win, and someone else is going to lose. The Thunder Bay North Stars management have taken needed steps to ensure that their players have the opportuntity to compete and to win, and to have fun.

Lonny Bohonos, the new head coach has a history of winning. If he can also make it fun for the players to enjoy the game at the same time, then everyone wins.

Hockey coaches are for minor hockey players important role models, and mentors. The attitudes that they bring to the game, and how they conduct themselves behind the bench can make it or break it for the players, and also for the hockey moms and dads.

Under new head coach Lonny Bohonos, the Thunder Bay North Stars have returned to their winning ways. Likely the players are going to respond to the change by upping their game.

It couldn’t happen at a better time, the playoffs are coming.

James Murray
Chief Content Officer