Communities in the far north of Ontario heavily rely on winter roads


northern winter roadsTHUNDER BAY – “Communities in the far north of Ontario heavily rely on winter roads to bring in fuel, construction material and other goods that are essential for building and renewing infrastructure, which helps increase living standards for these communities. Once again this year, the Ontario government is helping these communities with the cost of building the winter road network,” stated Rick Bartolucci, the Minister of Northern Development and Mines.

With support from the Province and the federal government, 29 First Nation organizations and the Town of Moosonee will build and operate a network of temporary roads over frozen ground and waterways. Each year, these winter roads connect remote communities to a permanent provincial highway or railway system. Individuals and businesses use the roads from freeze-up until spring thaw, usually in mid March.

For northern residents, the winter roads offer the opportunity for lower prices on many items. Grocery prices in particular are high in the north, especially for fresh produce and heavier items.