Too Young, Too Late – Music Video featuring Shy-Anne and Christine Arnold


THUNDER BAY – Too Young, Too Late has just been released. The music video featuring Shy-Anne and Christine Arnold has been released this morning. This video, like several of Shy-Anne’s videos has a message.

This time the message is on driving and texting.

The new video “Too Young, Too Late” features Christine Arnold and Shy-Anne and was written by Rob B Eats, and the video was shot by Jason Spun and directed by Damien Gilbert.

The initial goal is to get over 200,000 views on Youtube. Shy-anne will also be performing the song on Breakfast TV in Toronto on December 27th.

The video was shot in Thunder Bay Ontario, and has now been released to the world. Shy-Anne says, “I would hate to lose a friend or loved one over the holidays from texting and driving, and just want to do my part to keep the roads that much safer”.

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