Thunder Bay Hydro Applied to seek Decrease in Power Bills for Customers


THUNDER BAY – Thunder Bay Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc. has made a rate application to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) that may result in a decrease in customer bills. If the application is fully approved, the monthly bill for a residential customer who consumes 800 kWh per month would decrease by about $2.17 (3 %) and the monthly bill for a small business customer consuming 2,000 kWh per month would decrease by about $4.32 (4 %).

There are a variety of charges that originate from provincial entities and are collected by Thunder Bay Hydro and then remitted.

The majority of the requested decrease is related to differences between the amount the company was previously directed to charge for these entities and the amount that was actually remitted.

The application process takes several months so an OEB response to the application would not be expected before the spring of 2012. The complete application has been posted to the company website,