Transit Emergency Angers Transit User


THUNDER BAY – I waited in the sub-zero temperatures for over an hour waiting for a bus. There were many of us. Older women, babies, the disabled. We all froze. But, boy, knowing that those other people were warm makes me feel so much better. There was a police car not 100 feet from us all, watching us wait and they never told us a damn thing.

They never informed us there were no buses. It was a lady in her 60’s, who told me she had walked for over 1/2 an hour, who informed us. She told us the bus was stopped and the passengers were told to get off. Period.

Man, why is this not a corp problem? Why do loyal transit patrons get dumped like garbage so others, with cars in the parking lot, can be warmer? Why didn’t Bombardier call a private company and hire buses?

Why put our a$$es on the street and not even inform us we were waiting for nothing? It WAS cold; they were right about that much. I saw mothers with babies in strollers with no way home. I saw elderly women leaning against poles. I am FURIOUS.

I’m okay. But what about those that missed their CT scans or doctors appointments? What about the elderly? What about all those children? WE pay for that transit service NOT Bombardier. Here it is again, the people are screwed and the corporation is serviced. Our government is not ‘our’ government, they are our keepers, our jailers, not our protectors. They work for the corporations.

I told everyone I met, call city hall and complain. I just hope all those elderly people made it home okay.

Penny Sanftenberg
Thunder Bay