Is Santa Claus really going to lose his home?


A shameful tug at heartstringsTHUNDER BAY – Is Santa Claus really going to lose his home? It appears David Suzuki thinks so. However, the current temperature in Alert, Canada’s furthest north weather station is currently minus 28c. The day before, the high was minus 29c and the low was minus 31c. The latest efforts for fund-raising by the David Suzuki Foundation are a tug at the Christmas heartstrings of Canadians asking people to help find Santa Claus a new home.

“Climate change is melting the snow and ice, and the rising water is getting too close for comfort. Santa must relocate — fast — to make sure that all the nice boys and girls still have a Happy Holiday. You can help by buying Santa the supplies he needs to land safely in a new home.” – Those are the claims made by the foundation.

One is forced to wonder how, at minus 28c that the snow and ice are melting? Unless David Suzuki has changed the laws of science, water freezes at 0c and seawater freezes at -2c.

One might even be forced to wonder why some consumer organization is not investigating this scheme. Has Suzuki actually spoken to Santa Claus? Does he have a plan to purchase a new home for Santa Claus with the funds raised? Or is this simply a scheme?

If you remember the movie, Miracle on 34th Street, in that classic, it was proven that Santa Claus exists. The post office was the saving grace for Santa.

In Canada, today, Canada Post offer a letter writing program, Write Santa. The address remains The North Pole. It has not changed.

The schemers behind this plan share, “You won’t actually receive a North Pole Snow Globe, or any of the other items on this page. You are purchasing what people call a “symbolic gift” as a means of donating money to support the work of David Suzuki Foundation. You will receive a lovely ecard describing your gift, which we hope you will share with a loved one this holiday season. You may get that warm, tingly feeling that comes with knowing you helped keep Canada cold by supporting vital work to turn back climate change. We certainly hope so”.

In far too many ways, our society has become increasingly commercialized. But to include fear that Santa Claus is going to lose his home as the David Suzuki Foundation is doing right now is simply shameful.

If you agree, perhaps it is time to share your thoughts by emailing them to the foundation.

James Murray
Chief Content Officer

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