Thunder Bay Police Officers recognized for bravery!


crimebeatTHUNDER BAY – Crimebeat – When bad things happen, most people get the heck away from the situation. For Firefighters and Police Officers, the complete opposite is true. Those individuals, putting service above self rush in when others are rushing out. The fire at the Travelodge Inn on Memorial Drive in October in Thunder Bay presented just the latest example of how our police officers in Thunder Bay really are great examples of service above self.

Often for Police Officers, their jobs are stressful, and in some instances thankless. While the majority of people in our city support the work done by Police, there are a small minority who the Police deal with on a regular basis who make their jobs less than glamourous. Yet they still step up and do the job.

Nine members of the Thunder Bay Police Service received Chief Commendations for Bravery yesterday. The commendations recognize the bravery exhibited by the officers during the fire that occurred at the Travelodge Hotel on Memorial Ave. During the early morning hours of October 22, 2011 a fire broke out in the Sushi Station Restaurant attached to the hotel. Police Officers arrived on scene, and immediately began to evacuate the hotel guests from their rooms. The smoke quickly filled the hallways and the hotel rooms forcing the officers to evacuate the building for fire personnel to continue the evacuation efforts.

Once officers were outside the building, they saw an elderly gentlemen waving for help from a third floor window. Officers immediately breached an exterior security door to gain entry into the hotel. One officer was severely cut and was later taken to hospital by ambulance. Officers proceeded to the third floor and then crawled below the smoke and located five other individuals and assisted them out of the building.

The officers were recognized for entering the smoke-filled building and searching to rescue anybody in distress. All officers entered and did their job without question.

Awards were presented to Sgt. David Tinnes, A/Sgt. John Sobolta
Constables: Clark McKever, Andrea MacInnes, Ryan Krupa, Kris Poling, Jae Elvish, Jeff Elvish, and Kerry Dunning.

Those members of the Thunder Bay Police Service and fellow residents of Thunder Bay deserve all our thanks for their continued dedicated service. Earlier today, a mother was talking to two officers seated in their cruiser. Her grandson, a three and a half year old, strolled up to the window. “Hi Cops!” he greeted the officers. One hopes that happy greeting made their day.

The medals might be one way of showing how much we appreciate the efforts of our Police Officers, but so too are the way we greet and treat them in public.

To those decorated Officers. Thank-You.

James Murray

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