“Earlier this week, the Conservative government passed another important hurdle…” Rickford


Greg RickfordOTTAWA – Leader’s Ledger – Earlier this week, the Conservative government passed another important hurdle in finally getting rid of the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry when Bill C-19, Ending the Long-Gun Registry Act, passed second reading in the House of Commons by a vote of 156-123.

But like we’ve seen before, many members of the NDP who claimed to be in support of ending the long-gun registry listened to their Ottawa bosses instead of the voices of their constituents when it came time to vote.

Two notable exceptions were northwestern Ontario NDP MPs John Rafferty and Bruce Hyer who went against their union bosses and voted with our Government in support of law-abiding farmers and hunters. Sadly, their reward for keeping their word to their constituents was punishment by the acting NDP leader, as they were stripped of their critics’ roles and speaking opportunities.

At first we wondered why members like those from the western Arctic and the NDP leadership contender for Skeena—Bulkley Valley did not join us. Now we know why. NDP members and party insiders told the media that the two members who voted to end the wasteful and ineffective long gun registry have been severely punished by the NDP. When the NDP boasts about silencing its members, it is no wonder it so worried about floor crossing.

The NDP has stated that the most fundamental aspect of being an MP is advocating for their constituents in the House of Commons. It is shocking that the NDP would effectively muzzle its own members for representing their constituents’ demands; stripping them of their critics’ roles and preventing them from speaking in support of their constituents in the House of Commons.

It is unsurprising given the NDP’s history of talking tough but not actually doing anything. They ask for more money to be spent on law enforcement, yet they don’t want criminals put in jail. They tell their constituents they want police resources to be directed towards catching real criminals, yet almost all of them vote to keep the long-gun registry that targets hunters, farmers, First Nations and sport shooters.

Luckily for the constituents of the silent northwestern Ontario MPs, Conservatives like myself will be their voice for our beautiful region. When the opposition chooses their big union bosses over the people who sent them here or even their own MPs, it is further proof that they are not and could never be fit to govern.

Greg Rickford MP
Kenora Riding

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